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Hello and welcome to my Skype scheduling profile. I can't wait to play with you! Thank you for stopping by! I’ve been sitting here waiting just for you all day! !Book a Skype session with me today and I promise to get right back to you about sc

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When you book a video session with a performer, you are reserving a one-on-one videochat experience. Performers use Skype to connect via video.
Simply select a performer and a time. This will add to your shopping cart. Upon successful checkout, the performer will be notified of your request. She has 48 hours to accept the request. When she does, our system works together with you and her to pick the best time for the video session. Once you both are agreed on the date and time, our system creates the 'Confirmed Reservation'. It is up to both of you to connect on Skype at the designated time.
Once the session is finished, our system will confirm with the performer that the videochat was successful, and will ask you to leave a helpful review of your session.
If the performer does NOT answer the session request within 48 hours, our system will automatically void the session request and put the monies back into your avBank account. Session rates are set by the individual performer.

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15 Minute VideoChat Session

$15.60 per minute

30 Minute VideoChat Session

$9.53 per minute

45 Minute VideoChat Session

$8.09 per minute

60 Minute VideoChat Session

$7.80 per minute
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December 2017
December 2017
PLEASE NOTE: The dates on the calendar are set by the performer. This does not necessarily reflect all of their available dates and times. You may still initiate/schedule an adult video chat session with this performer, and she/he will communicate with you for a convienent time to handle your session.

KatieStIves Reviews

by: Tom1988c
Had a great time with Katie. First she was sexy. After i did the job we had a great talk! 
by: Anonymous Member
Very nice and beautiful person! Great sense of humor and I cant wait to chat with her again

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