Adult Verified Video Chat: Frequently Asked Questions
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Members Questions
What does it cost to sign up?
Signing up for Adult Verified Video Chat is absolutely free. You must sign up as a member to initiate video chat sessions with models.
What charges are involved?
If you want to initiate an adult video chat session with one of the available models, you must have your credit/debit card information in your profile backoffice. Each individual video chat model sets thier own chat session rates, which you can see on their respective profiles.
Is my credit/debit card information secure?
Absolutely! The whole Adult Verified Video Chat website is wrapped in a secure tunnel as you can see from the url in your address bar. We also use RSA2 256bit encryption technology to not only encrypt your financial data, but your username and password as well.
What hapens if I terminate a video call early?
When you initiate an adult video chat session with a model, your card on file is not charged until the model accepts your call, and the session begins. At that point, you are charged for the whole session that you selected. If you terminate the session, the charge cannot be pro-rated. If the model terminates the session, or for some reason there are technical difficulties that prevent you from receiving the services you just paid for, our system will detect it, and automatically issue the pro-rated amount.
Performers Questions
What does it cost to sign up?
Signing up as a model for Adult Verified Video Chat is absolutely free.
What do I charge for my sessions?
Adult Verified Video Chat sets default rates for your packages automatically when you sign up, but you are free to adjust these from your backoffice as you wish.
How and when do I get paid?
Adult Verified Video Chat pays its models twice a month, on the 1st or 15th day of the month via check or direct deposit. Please be sure you have a valid payable to address in your back office to expidite prompt payments. Accounts must meet the minimun $100 threshold to have a check issued for that month. If your account balance is less, it will roll-over to the next month.
Chat Sessions
How do I video chat with a model?
The process is pretty easy. 1. Login, 2. Browse the Online Models page, and 3. Select a model. You will then be directed to a page where you may select one of her chat packages. Once you do this, the performer receives notification of your session request. The performer then initiates from their skype to yours, or contacts you and arranges a better time to accomodate both of your schedules.
Can I schedule a video chat session in the future?
Yes, you may schedule a video chat session up to 5 days into the future. You will be able to message back and forth with the performer to verify or alter your session date and time.
Video Auctions
What are Video Auctions?
Once or twice a month, or if there is a special event, Adult Verified VideoChat holds Video Auctions, where members can bid on a private exclusive video chat session with that particular model. As a member, you can bid on any video auction. Members with bids over $5000 will be manually verified for financial ability, and a deposit may be required at that point for verification purposes.
Chat For Charity
What is Chat For Charity?
Some models choose to use our service to promote thier favorite charity, and often place details about that charity in thier profile bio. They also state how much of thier proceeds they donate to the charity of thier choice.
What platforms/devices are compatible with Adult Verified VideoChat?
Adult Verified Video Chat uses the secure Skype platform for video chat sessions. Currently, Skype is supported on all major browsers as well as all mobile devices such as iPad, iPod, iPhone, Android, and tablets.
Other Questions
I have a question that is not answered here..
If you have a question that is not answered here, please feel free to contact us at Contact Us We will make every effort to address your issue in a timely manner. Please also check this FAQ page often, as we are constantly adding new content to it as issues arise.