Adult Verified Video Chat: Getting Started

Getting Started with Adult Verified Video Chat

Just like on How It Works, getting started with Adult Verified Video Chat is easy.
For Customers/Members, simply sign up for free, verify your email address, select your favorite performer to video chat with, and go from there.
For Performers, again, sign up for free, verifiy your email, complete your profile using our step by step process, and then tweet out your custom profile links.
We have made the process as simplistic as possible on both sides. Adult Verified Video Chat provides the highway; you just need to use the entrance ramp!

Your Privacy Is Our #1 Priority

With Adult Verified Video Chat, your privacy is our number one priority. We go to great lengths to protect your information by wrapping our entire website in a secure tunnel, encrypting all all data with SHA2 RSA encryption techniques, and automatic transaction voiding for sessions that are not answered. Our system is set up not only to protect the performers' personal information, but the customers' as well.

Why Choose Adult Verified Video Chat?

Typically in the past, using a one-on-one video chat platform like Skype has involved a personal financial transaction between customer and performer using common services like PayPal.
Recently, financial institutions like PayPal and major banks have shunned the adult business by not allowing transactions, and even going as far as freezing their customers accounts. This has left adult performers 'high-n-dry' when trying to provide a totally legal and legitimate business model and service.
Adult Verified Video Chat overcomes this challenge by running all transactions through our established and secure merchant account.
Adult Verified Video Chat is the established and definitive destination to Skype video chat with the top pornstar performers in the industry, as well as 100's of beautiful amateurs.